A research team posing with solar panels and electronics.
Ruben Flores, '20 Electrical 工程; Vaishali Yasala, '20 MS Electrical 工程; Assistant Professor 穆罕默德Badawy; Mauricio Alvarado, '20 MS Electrical 工程. This faculty-student research team is developing methods for enhancing the efficiency and reducing the cost of solar power.


As an integral part of the Division of 研究与创新, the 菠菜网lol正规平台 Research Foundation provides administrative and business support to the campus research enterprise. In doing so, we are continually inspired by the intellect, creativity, and dedication demonstrated by our principal investigators, who explore groundbreaking scientific theories, conduct progressive engineering research, and lead initiatives that transform 社区.

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  • New Mileage Rates for Business Travel — 2023年1月1日生效
  • Board Meeting held Friday, December 9, 2022
  • New 供应商申请表格 引入的 菠菜网lol正规平台RF应付账款
  • 设施 & 行政(F&A) Cost Recovery and 分布
  • CA Minimum Wage Change — Effective January 1, 2022
  • San Jose Minimum Wage — Effective January 1, 2022, San Jose minimum wage will be $16.20 per hour for those working within San Jose city limits.


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